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PRESENTAZIONE MOSTRA 02_edited_edited.jpg

I was born in Genoa, I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Genoa.

I worked for a decade in important professional studios that allow me to take part in the design of numerous interventions of strategic importance both at Italian and European level. After this “apprenticeship”, together with my brother, I founded the Bettuelli architecture studio: BBarchYacht, specialized in yacht design and architectural design.

The years of my schooling, with an artistic focus, combined with a great passion for drawing and materials, have catapulted my interests into everything creative: I love to use simple tools, to transmit on a sheet of paper, all that goes through my head, depicting a landscape, a still life, passing from the design of a building to the concept design of a yacht, to the scribble of something ephemeral; I love to use all artistic techniques. The important thing is to create…

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